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We are Transport, Logistics and Trading company "Tylla Nal".

With offices in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, UAE and Turkey we service the CIS and MENA markets with high-quality logistics services, commodities and raw materials.

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About «Tylla Nal»

«Tylla Nal» is a leading transport and logistics & trading company in Central Asia.

«Tylla Nal» — is a freight forwarding and trading company with offices in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, UAE and Turkey. We offer the best prices for transport and logistics services thanks to our partnerships with carriers all over the globe, established business processes and a professional team.

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Freight Forwarding

«Tylla Nal» employees are professionals in their field.

Thanks to our vast experience in the transport sector, we can offer a personalized service to private and corporate clients involved in the transport of goods. We have agents in all regions and can guarantee an excellent quality of service throughout the entire route.

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Trade & Brokerage

Import & Export of Commodities and Raw Materials.

We export most of the products of the oil, gas and textile industries produced in Turkmenistan. We offer an integrated approach and the possibility of a joint order of liquefied gas, petroleum products and textiles, namely, such products as: gasoline, diesel and heating oil, aviation kerosene, fuel oil, bitumen, polypropylene, carbamide (urea), technical sulfur, cotton fiber, fabric in rolls, yarn, etc. In addition, our company imports industrial chemicals, such as: barite, calcium bromide, potassium formate, sodium bromide, etc.

Our services

The company «Tylla Nal» provides trade and transport services in Turkmenistan transport, logistics, cargo transportation, import-export, trade, services

Road Freight

Our company will deliver your cargo from Turkmenistan to Russia, the CIS countries and other regions. Road transportation of goods is carried out in the shortest possible time. Every day we carry out hundreds of operations with customers’ cargo. When ordering road freight services in our company, you can always count on the professional support of our logistics specialists who will advise on any questions.

Sea Freight

Sea cargo transportation is the most affordable mode of transportation of large volumes of cargo. It is used when the delivery is made to a long distance and the other modes are not accessible. The cargo transportation by sea may be just one part of the cargo’s route to the final recipient.

Railway Freight

Our company has a vast experience and well-established relations in the field of transport and forwarding services. We have strong relationships with railway administrations, owners of rolling stock, and with forwarding companies of the CIS countries and other regions. Owing to close partnership with the railway administration of Turkmenistan and the CIS countries, we offer a wide range of railway services.

Air Freight

Air freight is a highly effective mode of transportation. Besides obvious advantage in speed, which is especially important for perishables, we should also note that there is no location on earth that can't be reached by air. Our forwarding company has enough experience to help you with delivery of any cargo by air at best prices. Long-term contracts with airlines and airport services allow us to provide services at the highest level, regardless of the chosen route.


Our company provides the following types of chartering in the international seaport “Turkmenbashy”: one voyage chartering, chartering for several consecutive voyages, freight contract.

Multimodal Freight

Multimodal cargo transportation as a type of transport services is the transportation and forwarding of cargo on separate sections of the route by various types of transport. Multimodal transportation, planned and organized by our forwarding company, is a technological system of transportation under a single document. Due to our huge partner base we have got high service opportunities. From the standpoint of economic efficiency, our logisticians define a plan to ensure the uninterrupted transport process, in which carriers of various types of transport act as our partners.

Oversized/Overweight Shipments

Our company has huge experience in the transportation of oversized cargo by road and has managed to assemble a staff of highly qualified specialists, whose knowledge and experience allows us to carry out cargo transportation of a high level of complexity in the shortest possible time.

Container Shipments

Container transportation is the basis of transport deliveries by sea, rail and partially by road. There are a lot of ways of goods delivery in modern world but, due to the significant advantages, container transportation is preferred.


“Tylla Nal” works with international raw material & commodity suppliers to provide all-in-one procurement services for Turkmenistan. Our experience in logistics and brokerage allows us to offer one-stop shop solutions for supply of materials to Turkmenistan for oil & gas and chemical sectors.


Turkmenistan offers a wide variety of raw materials and commodities. These include oil & gas products, textile, medicinal plants, agricultural products, minerals, and other natural riches. “Tylla Nal” will become a broker you can trust in anything related to dealing with the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.

Customs formalities

Entering the international market is a key stage in business development for most companies. Export-import operations are related to customs clearance of goods, and it is difficult to carry out them without studying the customs legislation. With our knowledge and local expertise “Tylla Nal” will prove to be your key partner in all customs formalities.


Clients Feedbacks

AGB Energy Limited

On behalf of the AGB ENERGY LIMITED, we would like to express our appreciation to the "Tylla Nal" IE for provision of reliable maintenance during servicing at the berths of Turkmenistan ports. We would like to note especially the organization and operational efficiency of specialists in the provision of services. The "Tylla Nal" IE has shown itself as a reliable and a bona fide partner in providing with service. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

Ak Gaya

The company values ​​its customers, it's a pleasure. There are several types of cargo transportation, and managers always explain all the nuances and help to choose a faster and more profitable method of transportation for the client. They are shipping building materials for us, they cope with all challenges. The prices are quite good, the cargo is insured, there are no complaints. The first time they shipped the goods for us, I was apprehended by the friendly attitude towards customers, after working with other transport companies. But everything turned out to be in order, the cargo arrived without problems, nothing was broken or lost. Now I am their regular customer.

Coca-Cola Bottlers (Turkmenistan)

For two years, the transport company IE "Tylla Nal" has been the leading partner of the ES "Turkmenistan Coca-Cola Bottlers" in customs clearance and delivery of goods. An integrated approach, responsible and proactive attitude to the organization of work, transportation, prompt delivery to the consignee or consignor, significantly contributes to the completion of important and urgent deliveries within the planned time frame. Availability, technological and commercial efficiency are the basis for successful and mutually beneficial work.

Partner in Turkmenistan:

23B, Gaudan "B", Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Partner in UAE:

Office 10, Ground Floor, Makateb Business Center, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Partner in Turkey:

Room 109, Block 97-99, Ozyurtlar Residence, Dogan Arasli Boulevard, Zafer District, Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey

Partner in Kazakhstan:

Room 226, Office 2, House 43, Makarova st., Almaty, Kazakhstan

«Tylla nal» is your reliable partner in trade and transport logistics.

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