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Air Freight

Speed and reliability of delivery, customer satisfaction.

Air Freight

Speed and reliability of delivery, customer satisfaction.

Air Freight

If you need qualified air cargo transportation services, your best choice is our forwarding company. And it is not a groundless statement!

To understand this, you need to get acquainted with the conditions, on which we offer you the cooperation – competitive prices, constant control over each aspect of delivery and high professionalism of our staff. We offer you a mutually beneficial partnership, and it is based on individual approach to every client. Our main priorities – speed and reliability of the delivery, the clients’ satisfaction, and complete openness.

It is difficult to overrate the high effectiveness of the air shipments. Besides obvious advantage in speed, which is especially important for perishables, we should also note the huge territory covered by air cargo transportation.

“Tylla Nal” has enough experience to help you with delivery of any cargo by air at fair prices. Long-term contracts with airlines and airport servicing companies allow us to provide services at the highest level, regardless of the chosen route.

One of our main principles is that the delivery of the cargo must be carried out strictly within the time limit set by you. Well established processes and rich know-how has allowed us to quote predictable timeframes for your shipments. With us you won’t receive news of delays unless you were informed about their possibility beforehand. We know how precious your time is and will always try to save it and keep you always informed.

“Tylla Nal” will do all the necessary operations, both in the country of departure and in the country of destination.

We will take care of the following for you:

  • Deliver cargo to/from the airport.
  • Pack and mark the cargo.
  • Organize customs clearance of the cargo (if necessary).
  • Service the cargo at the cargo terminal, including loading and unloading operations, cargo handling, cargo inspection (for prohibited items), arrange cargo storage.
  • Prepare all the necessary documents (air waybill, shipping documents, declarations etc.)

We guarantee that next time you will not have a question: Who can we entrust the transportation of our cargo to?

Partner in Turkmenistan:

23B, Gaudan "B", Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Partner in UAE:

Office 10, Ground Floor, Makateb Business Center, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Partner in Turkey:

Room 109, Block 97-99, Ozyurtlar Residence, Dogan Arasli Boulevard, Zafer District, Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey

Partner in Kazakhstan:

Room 226, Office 2, House 43, Makarova st., Almaty, Kazakhstan

«Tylla nal» is your reliable partner in trade and transport logistics.

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Contact us
+993 12 42 68 80
+993 12 49 01 58

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