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Oversized/Overweight Freight

Our experts in complex oversized / overweight shipments at your disposal.

Oversized/Overweight Freight

Our experts in complex oversized / overweight shipments at your disposal.

Oversized/Overweight Freight

Our company has extensive experience in transporting oversized cargo by road and has managed to gather a team of highly qualified specialists whose knowledge and experience allow us to carry out cargo transportation of a high level of complexity in the shortest possible time.

Special equipment, with the help of which loading and unloading operations are carried out, as well as road transport for the direct transportation of oversized cargo, meets all the necessary standards.

We understand that today oversized cargo transportation is a dynamically developing market with the future behind it. Therefore, we try not only to occupy a certain market niche, but also to compete actively, offering more favorable conditions. With this approach, we provide quality services at affordable prices, and the client thanks us for the trust that is very valuable to us. Such high levels of trust have become possible due to the fact that we always adhere to the following mandatory rules of work:

  • oversized cargo must be transported taking into account all safety rules. This approach helps to save not only the cargo, but also the health of workers;
  • compliance with all legal norms and procedures;
  • delivery times must always correspond to the dates stated in the contract;
  • the staff of the company must have the appropriate qualifications and experience in this market segment;
  • the equipment with which all stages of transportation are carried out must be in good working order.

The process of delivery of oversized cargo requires knowledge of the rules and laws, experience, special equipment and machines.

The cargo is not oversized if its dimensions together with the vehicle are less than or equal to:

  • length for single cars and trailers - 12.0 m;
  • length for road trains consisting of "car-trailer" and "car-semi-trailer" - 20.0 m;
  • width - 2.5 m, for refrigerators and isothermal bodies - 2.6 m;
  • height - 4.0 m.

The dimensions of vehicles given above already include the dimensions of swap bodies, containers and other containers. If at least one of the above parameters is exceeded, then the cargo is classified as oversized.

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23B, Gaudan "B", Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

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Office 10, Ground Floor, Makateb Business Center, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

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Room 109, Block 97-99, Ozyurtlar Residence, Dogan Arasli Boulevard, Zafer District, Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey

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Room 226, Office 2, House 43, Makarova st., Almaty, Kazakhstan

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