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Road Freight

A swift and reliable mode of transportation.

Road Freight

A swift and reliable mode of transportation.

Road Freight

Versatility and mobility are an integral advantage when transporting goods by road. A significant volume of freight traffic falls on road transport. Often this is the only economical way to deliver the goods to their destination. Today, road freight transportation is the most popular way to deliver goods from Europe to the CIS countries and vice versa.

Constantly expanding the geographical boundaries of the transportation of road cargo, the transport and logistics company "Tylla Nal" when accepting orders, always draws up the optimal transportation plan for all types and volumes of cargo, which guarantees a high level of service.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the team, our company carries out cargo transportation with reliability and high efficiency. Taking into account the transport network of the region, we plan the most cost-effective route. We select the most suitable means of transport and provide packaging that matches the properties of the cargo and the requirements of the transportation.

Having a fleet of special equipment and the necessary permits, we are ready to deliver your oversized cargo or extra heavy cargo in accordance with all specifications. Considering each specific case, we ensure the maximum efficiency of transportation of your cargo. Our experts have a wealth of experience and best practices in the transport of special goods such as dangerous goods, fragile goods, electronics, food and medicine. Providing services for cargo transportation, if necessary, we provide warehouses with responsible maintenance (safe storage), forwarding and protection, legal support. We also provide customs clearance and express delivery services. The department has access to information about all stages of freight transport.

Our company will deliver your cargo from Turkmenistan to Russia, CIS countries and other regions. Transportation of goods is carried out as soon as possible. Every day we carry out hundreds of operations with clients' cargoes. When ordering cargo transportation from the Tylla Nal company, you can always count on the professional support of our logisticians who will advise you on any issues.

Our drivers are always in control of the loading process, and if something goes wrong, they will always insist on placing the load in accordance with the requirements of the cargo transportation.

We have developed a convenient system for ordering services. Regardless of the volume and type of cargo, our managers will carefully develop a cargo transportation plan for each specific case and offer a loading and transportation plan. One of the factors with a direct impact on the speed of delivery is the correct documentation. Documents for international transport by road must be issued in accordance with all established requirements. Otherwise, there may be delays and downtime during customs clearance.

Thanks to the use of logistics systems and the constant optimization of delivery (distribution) routes, our company can offer competitive rates with a high quality of service.

Documents for international transport by road

International consignment note CMR

Customs transit with Carnet TIR

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«Tylla nal» is your reliable partner in trade and transport logistics.

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