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Container Shipments

Container transportation is the basis of transport deliveries by sea, rail and partly by road.

Container Shipments

Container transportation is the basis of transport deliveries by sea, rail and partly by road.

Container Shipments

Container transportation is the basis of transport deliveries by sea, rail and partly by road. There are many ways to deliver goods in the modern world, but, due to significant advantages, preference is given to container transportation. Any logistics company provides this type of service. It is convenient for logistics companies to work with containers, as the process of sorting cargo is simplified (depending on the destination). In addition, containers also have protective functions. As a rule, they are made of aluminum or steel. They reliably protect goods from the negative impact of the external environment and allow safe delivery of goods. Transportation of goods in containers is the most cost-effective and expedient for the following reasons:

  • Containers are standardized in terms of dimensions and connection devices, as well as the mechanisms of machines for unloading and loading. It is worth noting the special demand for containers of a universal type.
  • The container ensures the integrity of the cargo, the impossibility of its theft, since the container is closed and sealed; in addition, the load in it is protected from various adverse weather conditions in the form of rain, wind, snow, etc. This becomes especially important in the event of a forced downtime. A sealed container can only be opened by a representative of the company that owns the cargo; access to it by other persons is excluded.
  • Costs of container transportation are reduced many times over due to the fact that modular cargo is processed much faster; for the same reason, the cost of passing goods is much lower.
  • Due to the fact that the container itself is essentially a small storage module, it becomes unnecessary to rent expensive storage facilities with mandatory storage services.
  • The use of container modules and their standardization allows you to fully automate the entire process of handling containerized cargo.
  • The time during which expensive transport is idle is reduced due to the rapid implementation of loading and unloading work, which leads to a decrease in the cost of delivery.

Analyzing the shortcomings of container transportation, the following points can be distinguished:

  • during railway transportation, stops-fittings must be installed on the platform, but such platforms are not always available;
  • when transporting by car, a special lift and rigging equipment must be installed;
  • in some ports and stations there may be no special cranes, which will greatly complicate the reloading.

In containers it is possible to carry out transportation of various kinds of cargo, from items of personal use to industrial materials. Based on the physical properties and conditions of transportation, several categories of cargo are distinguished.

Liquid: oil and its derivatives, chemical and food bulk cargoes, liquefied gas. Bulk cargoes consist of small particles: grain, crushed stone, sand, etc.

General cargo (or general) - single cargo that requires packaging, these are: rolling mechanisms, metals, products and others.

** Regime ** - which create special conditions - temperature, humidity, ventilation (for example, animals, perishable substances).

Dangerous: flammable, radioactive, explosives, poisons and others.

The main requirement for transportation of all types of cargo is the dimensions, they should not exceed the established dimensions, there are practically no other restrictions.

Cargo containers are produced in several sizes and in different colors: white, burgundy, brown, red, orange, blue, green, black and others.

White containers (ivory)

The new white containers are great for branding shipping companies. Such a neutral color does not attract attention, but a light color gives out the age of the product more than others. Dark-coloured containers are recommended for maritime transport, as whites show damage and corrosion.

Brown and burgundy

Products of this color are widely used by leasing companies that use discreet branding in the form of logos and stickers. The container is used by one shipping line for several years and then leased to another, so corporate branding is done in a discreet style. Dry-cargo containers of burgundy and brown colors go well with glass; traces of metal aging are not visible on them for a long time.

Blue, orange, red and green

Companies specializing in maritime transportation often use containers painted in corporate style. Some container shipping lines have historically had specific colors. Orange structures were previously used on the Hapag Lloyd line, light green - by Chinese carriers, red - by K-Line and Hamburg Sud.

Our company offers you high-quality container transportation on the most attractive terms. By contacting us, you can count on:

  • Thoughtful logistics. Our specialists always choose the best ways to transport goods from one point to another. This allows you to calculate and optimize costs.
  • Optimal cargo packaging. We are ready to think over the best ways to complete a particular type of goods, even if the original batch is not enough to fill a specific container.
  • Choosing the best transport option. It will also help to carry out transportation in the shortest possible time.
  • Safety. If necessary, the transported cargo is insured.
  • Affordable prices. Our customers receive the best offers, which are supported by the professionalism of our employees and will always be relevant in use.

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